About Kirameki

Kirameki originally started as a simple soundbot, playing custom sounds without being dependent on any service to fully function. The core foundation of Kirameki has been programmed in less than an hour! Kirameki is based off of the Eris Discord REST API wrapper in conjunction with Node.js. Nowadays Kirameki is by far a more advanced bot than it used to be with extremely useful and powerful functionality like several popular game data profile lookups, tight Twitch & osu! Bancho chat integrations, translations and a lot more! Kirameki used to be written in Discord.js but has completely been rewritten in ECMAScript 8 and Eris with pure performance and large scalability in mind.

Kirameki's infrastructure can be divided into 4 distinct, equally important parts:


The main branch of Kirameki, the Discord Bot. Completely rewritten in ECMAScript 8 and Eris with pure performance as its main priority.


Blazing fast, custom written data API in order to allow all Kirameki services to communicate with each other for extremely fast processing times.

Twitch TMI & osu! Bancho

Linking Twitch's TMI IRC and osu!'s Bancho IRC interfaces together seamlessly in order to allow beatmap requests during demanding streams.


The be-all and end-all. All information about Kirameki's commands, event modules and support summarized in one single place for easy access.

47 kirAPI Endpoints

For smooth and trouble-free communication internally.

78 Usable Commands

On Discord, Twitch & Bancho for maximum customizability.

223.4k Registered Accounts

Maintained by happy Discord and Twitch users every day.

1k+ Working Hours

Developing and fine-tuning all features to absolute perfection.

Performance & Honorable Mentions

Kirameki as a whole stack, including all of its instances, workers and helpers performs incredibly well. Most of the average response time is occupied by waiting on 3rd party APIs to fulfill promises in order to proceed. Dedicated hardware with redundant failsafes ensure maximum uptime of all services. In emergency situations, Kirameki is designed to shut down less prioritized services in order to function with the available resources to its maximum potential.

I'd like to thank Accalix and Kaster for their continuous support and inspiration. I'd also like to thank ThePooN for providing bancho.js and helping me setting it up, which enables Kirameki to connect to Bancho flawlessly and Franc[e]sco for providing extremely precise PP calculations through oppai-ng and ojsama.js.

This project wouldn't be where it's at now without you guys.

Time To First Byte on a 1Gbit Uplink

Ø 0,0027 seconds

Average Stack Rebooting Time including all instances & workers

Ø 37 seconds

Average Processing Time on dedicated, redundant server hardware


Average Service Uptime kirAPI, Twitch & Discord Shards