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osu! Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
&osusetup username Links a Discord account to an osu! account for ease of use &osusetup nathan on osu &osulink
&osu mode, [username] osu! user profile lookup including top three plays, national and international stats and playtime. &osu std Mathi
&osu mania Jakads
&top playNumber, [username] Retrieve a specific top play of a user or yourself by specifying the play's rank in the top 100. &top 3
&top 1 Mathi
&recent [username] Retrieve the most recent play in osu! Standard including map completion and achieved / potential PP calculations &osur
&osur idke
&recentbest [username] Retrieve the best most recent play in osu! Standard including map completion and PP calculations &osurb
&osurb FlyingTuna
&compare [username] Compares an osu! Standard score to the most recently posted one in the same guild channel &compare
&compare Abyssal
&strain [mapModifiers] Calculate the aim, speed and total strain of a previously posted osu! beatmap. Providing mods is optional &strain
&strain +HRDT
&recalc accuracy, [mapModifiers] Recalculate the PP of an osu! Standard score with custom specifiable accuracy and map modifiers &recalc 97.83%
&recalc 81.36% +HDHR
&osuw &osuwith
&recommend [mapMods], [ppRange] Get a beatmap recommendation either picked automatically for you or by specifying map modifiers and or a PP range for maximum customizability &recommend
&recommend +HDHR
&recommend +NoMod 300-450
&search beatmapData Search for an osu! Beatmap either by its name, its artist or its version / difficulty submitted in osu! &search vickeblanka
&search freedom dive
&spectate username Start spectating the specified user in your osu! client &spectate Riya &osuspec
&osuban username Check if the user is restricted on the official osu! server &osuban Ayreth &osub

Game Profile Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
&league server, username Look up your League of Legends profile including your top three Champion Mastery, supporting all servers! &league EUW Bjergsen
&league KR Faker
&leaguespec server, username Look up a live game on League of Legends for the provided username on the provided server &leaguespec NA Bjergerking
&leaguespec RU Diamondprox
&fortnite username Fortnite player statistics lookup &fortnite Ninja &fn
&overwatch battleTag Overwatch player statistics lookup &overwatch MirroR#11144 &ow

Useful & Miscellaneous

Command Description Example Aliases
&help [commandName] Get either a general Help card or instructions for specified commands! Specifying a command is optional &help
&help osustrain
&about General information about Kirameki &about
&profile [userMention] Generate a dynamic profile card for your current stats or for somebody else by providing a mention &profile
&profile @Riya#0001
&leaderboards [leaderboard] Access all the different kinds of leaderboards available on Kirameki, for instance checking the local osu! Leaderboard.
Available leaderboards: xp, osu, server
&leaderboards osu
&leaderboards server
&avatar [target] Request the high resolution avatar of a specified user, yourself, or the guild by specifying a target of your choice &avatar @Riya#0001
&avatar guild/server
&urban searchQuery Search for a definition on Urban Dictionary sorted by upvotes. Only available in NSFW channels! &urban FYI
&urban Bean Hole
&cutie species Get a random cute image of either a puppy or a cat.
The species is specifiable and defaults to random
&cutie cat
&mascot Display the official animated mascot of Kirameki &mascot
&wikipedia language, searchQuery Get a Wikipedia definition, supporting all languages also supported by Wikipedia, including in the search query &wikipedia en Fructose
&wikipedia jp または果糖
&lmgtfy type, searchQuery Generate a Let Me Google That For You link supporting both web and image searches, defaulting to web search &lmgtfy web Why is the sun yellow
&lmgtfy images How do you multiply
&images filter, searchQuery Simple Google image search supporting SFW and NSFW filters. NSFW search is only available in NSFW channels &images sfw Ice cream cone
&images nsfw dirty stuff
&weather location Get current weather information about a city &weather New York
&setweather location Set your Weather location indefinitely for Kirameki to remember when using the Weather command &setweather Takayama
&setweather San Francisco
&remindme time, timeType, topic Order Kirameki to remind you about a topic you set at a fixed time in the future you specified &remindme 1 minute Go shower
&remindme 3 hours Order pizza
&poll topic Start a poll with your specified topic which users can vote on for an indefinite amount of time &poll Kick Ayreth?
&poll Should I stream?
&status Get information about the current status of Kirameki &status
&uptime Get the current uptime of the current Kirameki instance &uptime
&commands Get the latest command list &commands &cmds
&invite Get an invite link to add Kirameki to a server &invite
&requestfeature text Request a new feature you'd like to have added in Kirameki &requestfeature More games please! &request

Memes & Fun

Command Description Example Aliases
&meme Get a random meme from our custom meme database &meme
&addmeme URL Add a meme to our meme database. The URL provided must be a valid image link ending with .png or .jpg &addmeme
&changemymind text Generate a Change my Mind meme with custom specifiable text and authentic looks! &changemymind Dogs > Cats
&changemymind Cocoa is the best!
&einstein text Force Einstein to scribble a text of your liking onto his blackboard. He's at your command &einstein osu! steals your soul
&einstein PewDiePie has no legs
&mock topText+bottomText Generate a Mocking SpongeBob meme with custom specifiable top text and bottom text &mock Top Text+Bottom Text
&mock Look Squidward+I am cleaning
&P5ikWow No explanation needed, try for yourself &P5ikWow
&dankify text Generates a dankified text with Discord emojis &dankify I be flossin
&conch question Ask the Magic Conch Shell from SpongeBob Squarepants a question and receive true enlightenment &conch Will I ever get married?
&conch Should I drop college?

Anime & Fun

Command Description Example Aliases
&anime animeName Search for an anime title and get detailed information about it including a description and episode guide &anime konosuba
&anime gabriel dropout
&animerec Get a random anime recommendation including detailed information about it e.g. a detailed description &animerec &anirec
&kaede text Write into Kaede's diary! This generates an image for you with the text provided written into Kaede's diary &kaede パンダが好きだよ!
&kaede I love pandas so much!
&hestia text Let Hestia from DanMachi write anything you want onto her piece of paper! &hestia Garlic Bread is justice!
&sagiri text Write onto Sagiri's tablet! This generates an image for you with the text provided written onto Sagiri's tablet &sagiri Hello everyone! :)
&sagiri I love to eat okonomiyaki!
&pat target Pat someone who's dear to you every 3 hours! Pats get counted and are displayed on the recipient's profile card &pat Accalix
&pat @Riya#0001
&poi Get a random image of Yuudachi from Kancolle &poi &yuudachi
&hug target Hug someone dear to you gracefully &hug @Kukai#7867
&cuddle target Cuddle with someone dear to you lovely &cuddle @Dory#1337
&kiss target Kiss someone dear to you passionately &kiss @Soleriel#5984
&slap target Slap someone you dislike full force &slap @Flevor#0001
&ship firstUser, secondUser Calculate the love compatibility of two users you want to ship and receive a nice graphical representation &ship @Riya#0001 @Andy#0799 &lovemeter
&owoify text OwOify any text you provide for all your OwOs and UwUs &owoify Hello There!


Command Description Example Aliases
&roll Roll a random number between 1 and 100 &roll
&dice Roll the dice and receive the outcome graphically &dice
&coinflip Flip a coin. Heads or tails? &coinflip &cf
&slotmachine A simple slot machine game. 3 in a row wins! &slotmachine &slots

Translations & TTS

Command Description Example Aliases
&translate fromLang, toLang, text Translate a text from a specified language to another specified language. Supporting all Google languages &translate ja br パンダが好き!
&translate en ko It's hot outside
&trchart Receive a country code chart containing the supported languages for the translation commands &trchart &trc
&tts language, text Text To Speech. Let Kirameki join your voice channel and speak the provided text in the provided language &tts ja 今日は暑いだよ
&tts en Kirameki can speak!
&ptr from, to, pokémonName Translate any Pokémon name from any language to any language supported by Pokémon &ptr en ja Magikarp
&ptr de fr Karpador


Command Description Example Aliases
&customcommand action, name, text Add up to 25 custom commands completely unique to your guild and freely specify their contents! A custom command's name may not be longer than 50 characters and its value no longer than 1500 characters respectively &customcommand list
&customcommand remove cName
&customcommand add cName cText
&customcommand edit cName cText
&spacechannel Replace any hyphens or underscores in the text channel name with real looking spaces &spacechannel &space
&osuOCR option Enable and disable the osu! Score Screens analyzation powered by a custom trained A.I. OCR module &osuOCR enable
&osuOCR disable
&osuBMFC option Enable and disable the automatic creation of osu! Beatmap Flashcards in the current channel &osuBMFC enable
&osuBMFC disable
&blacklist action, [word] Blacklist words you don't want to appear in your guild.
This command works guild wide and has been tested thoroughly to effectively delete blacklisted words
&blacklist list
&blacklist add badWord
&blacklist remove badWord
&channel option Tell Kirameki to completely ignore a channel. This doesn't effect the experience gain of the Birthday System &channel ignore
&channel unignore
&mutehandler action, userMention Mute a user on your whole guild without needing a special role for it. Kirameki works fully independent from others &mutehandler mute @Riya#0001
&mutehandler unmute @Riya#0001
&purge numberOfMessages Bulk delete up to 100 messages in one clean sweep &purge 87 &clear
&birthdaymessages option Turn Birthday messages off and on upon a level up.
This applies for the whole guild and channels
&birthdaymessages enable
&birthdaymessages disable