Frequently asked questions

How can I link my osu! Account?

You can link your osu! Account either on the Kirameki Dashboard in your web browser of choice or directly within Discord with the &osusetup command.

How can I check my profile?

You can check your profile on the Kirameki Dashboard, or with the &profile command in Discord. The global leaderboards can be found here.

How do the osu! Leaderboards for guilds work?

Kirameki intelligently caches your osu! Profile and provides guild leaderboards for all users in the guild who have linked their osu! account to Kirameki.

The osu! commands don't seem to work at times?

This is because all of the osu! infrastructure is occasionally getting attacked heavily by an anonymous group of users. The osu! staff is already working on a permanent solution but is as of now out of reach to fix for us as it's on the osu! side of things.

I provided the wrong osu! Account when linking!

You may feel free to change your existing linkage over the Kirameki Dashboard or directly within Discord with the &osusetup command.

Is there a full command list?

Yes! Kirameki's commands and event modules have all been fully documented on the Kirameki website. Alternatively you can type &commands in Discord.

Why does Kirameki congratulate me on a Level-Up?

The Leveling-System has been designed with friends in mind who are used to wish someone a happy birthday upon a Level-Up, so why shouldn't Kirameki as well?  

I don't want Kirameki used in certain channels!

You can easily tell Kirameki to start completely ignoring a channel with the &channel command. This works on a per-channel basis.

How come a certain command simply won't work?

It's most likely because of a simple typo you made when typing the command. Please check for any additional spaces for instance. If the problem persists please feel free to report a bug on the official Kirameki Discord server on the bug report channel.

My question isn't listed here!

No problem, simply ask your question under the Kirameki Help section on the official Kirameki Discord server. A Kirameki Guru will be sure to come by and help you!