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Before inviting Kirameki, we'd like to ask you to read about the most essential and useful features you may want to know about to get the best experience using Kirameki:

osu! Related Features

Kirameki supports a handful of useful osu! related event modules which are disabled by default such as automatic beatmap link parsing for Beatmap Flashcards or A.I. powered OCR Score Screen analyzation of osu! screenshot for automatic score reports. You can read more about them and how you can enable them on the Event Modules page.

Linking an osu! account to a Discord account through Kirameki is highly recommended for ease of use of the osu! commands. This allows users to not type in their names over and over again. An osu! Linkage can be created by using the &osusetup command in Discord or on the official Kirameki Dashboard in a web browser of your choice.

Kirameki supports local guild-wide osu! Leaderboards to form close communities with the Discord members of a single guild. You can check a guild's osu! Leaderboard with the &leaderboards command. Every Discord member of the guild with a valid linkage is automatically displayed there and gets updated automatically!

Birthday System & Settings

The Kirameki Birthday System is an experience and leveling system with fully customizable profile cards, free of charge. You can edit your profile on the Kirameki Dashboard.

Level up messages can be disabled, if so desired, by using the &birthdaymessages command. This mutes the automatically sent level up messages, however users will still be able to gain experience. Alternatively, Kirameki can be told to completely ignore a channel, including ignoring all commands, by using the &channel command.


Every command, event module & feature has been documented on this website thoroughly. If you have any question, please check out the F.A.Q. page. Please feel free to join the official Kirameki Discord Guild if you still have any questions left unanswered! A Kirameki Guru will be sure to come by and help you with your concern as fast as possible!  

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