Birthday System

All about Kirameki's Birthday System, experience gaining and leveling

Introducing the Kirameki Birthday System! As obvious as this sounds, it isn't some kind of birthday reminder feature. It is Kirameki's very own XP and Leveling System! Being inspired by very close friends, wishing others a happy birthday upon a level up, an extremely unique and very customizable level system has been implemented, wishing users who have leveled up a "Happy Birthday" instead of prompting that it's just another, boring level up! Kirameki's Birthday System supports custom profile cards with custom backgrounds and accent colors for free! Experience is farmed continuously in the background and added to your automatically generated profile! Your very own profile can be customized on Kirameki's Dashboard! The Dashboard uses Discord's incredibly secure OAuth2 authentication to directly assign your Discord account to your Kirameki account for super easy customization of your new profile card with instant graphical feedback of how it's going to look! With the addition of the Birthday System, the new &profile command has been added to get a graphical overview of your current age and experience! The profile card can be customized fully both in its background and accent color completely free of charge on Kirameki's new user Dashboard!

In order to be able to provide full transparency to allow fair play across a wide range of different kind of servers, the algorithm of determining levels and experience gainages are displayed here in full transparency. One may think this allows for foul play and abusement, however a lot of countermeasures have been taken to prevent such behavior.

Let's get the boring part out of the world first, shall we?

These are the algorithms which have been implemented exactly 1:1 without any changes to it whatsoever!

Experience Gain

Experience is gained actively upon chat interaction. It is clearly stated in the algorithm above, that per interaction unit deemed by Kirameki as valid and not spam is 1 XP added to the total amount. This means countermeasures have been taken to prevent dumb spamming to gain fast XP. In severe cases of spamming, it may even result in a temporary exclusion of gaining XP at all! This may be the case if spamming in general has been a problem in the past (yes Kirameki tracks previous usage patterns) with no improvement.